Me and Patrick Ness.

Me and Patrick Ness.

My name is Hayley Beale and I’m a high school librarian in San Francisco, and occasionally work in the Children’s Room of a local public library. I also write reviews for BayViews – the publication of the Association of Children’s Librarians of Northern California.

While I do enjoy the discipline and requirement for objectivity that comes with writing reviews, I’m really excited to be able to write blog posts so that I can express my views a little more personally.

I read a lot of fiction – mainly middle grade and young adult – and I enjoy most genres except soppy romances and fantasies involving dragons, though I notice that I’ve written about both of these in the last year.

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  1. It was great meeting you at KidLitCon. Had the chance to read through some of your reviews and they are delightful. You are able to pack a punch with insight, humor and brevity – a winning combination in my book!

  2. I smiled at the face you made as you tasted the cold tea at KidLitCon — sorry about the lack of decent tea for a British person! Even though I only eavesdropped your voice, it was good to have you at KidlitCon, and hope to see you again!

    • OMG! I love Mare’s War – I just didn’t connect your name with the book as I have a terrible memory. Lucky for you, as I would have gushed all over you!

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