Year End Diversity Audit


wndbAfter last year’s KidLitCon, I checked the books I’d read that year to assess how diversely I’d been reading. I felt I’d been doing OK, but could do better and set myself the objective of actively looking out for books with more diverse characters this year. So how have I done?

Well, again the answer is I’d did OK, definitely better than last year but still room for improvement.

Firstly, thanks to Goodreads for sending me my 2015 in Books – it made my task so much easier! I have recorded 87 books this year and I looked at whether the main characters or support characters (important, not just background) were diverse. Here are my stats – note that I have only recorded each book once, no double dipping!

Racial/cultural diversity: 21 books with main characters, and 9 with support characters.

GLBQT: 4 books with main characters and 2 with support (showing the sad demise of the gay best friend for the white girl in my reading this year).

Mental or physical challenges: 5 books with main characters and 4 with support.

This gives a total of 45 books with a diverse main or support character – just over half the books I read.

I think some of this is because I read a lot more YA books this year, and also I did actively try to read more broadly. Overall, I feel it’s a decent proportion and I would like to keep that up, maybe even increase it over the next year.

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