Inside Elections series


mediaMedia: From News Coverage to Political Advertising by Sandy Donovan
Political Parties: From Nominations to Victory Celebrations by Stephanie Mcpherson
Special Interests: From Lobbyists to Campaign Funding by Sandy Donovan
Voters: From Primaries to Decision Night by Robert Grayson
Lerner, 2015.

This is typically not the sort of book I review, or indeed even read. However, even though I’ve been in the U. S. for nearly 20 years, I still find the political system a little confusing, so when these books popped up on the review table, I grabbed them, mostly for personal interest. And they proved to be very informative, nicely laid out and all round pretty good for a politically curious middle schooler. They are, however, stingingly expensive at $26.65 each for 64 pages.

With a much broader scope than typical middle grade books about elections, each book in the Inside Elections series contains an in-depth look at a key factor that can influence the results of an election: the media, special interests, political parties, and voters.

Media looks at the role of political advertising, news coverage and the Internet in influencing the outcome. Special Interests  examines campaign funding and the people and organizations behind it. Political Parties looks at minority parties, factions and how they work to get candidates elected. Voters takes on the fiendishly complex voting system.special interests

The text heavy books are made more readable by being broken into short chapters with multiple headings, bullet-pointed lists, graphics, tables, colored sidebars and photographs. Keeping a strictly neutral line, the books show pros and cons on such topics as social media’s role in election discussions, and super PACs.

Each books includes sources notes, a glossary, selected bibliography, further information, and an index.

Up to date, timely, and offering opposing viewpoints, these books are recommended for middle school and public libraries, and their readers who want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes in the U. S. electoral system.

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