A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall


little something differentA Little Something Different by Sandy Hall
Swoon Reads, 2014.

Maybe I swung back a bit too far from Little Peach with this completely frothy romance – it was certainly an enjoyable, if slightly saccharine, read.

Lea has just started university, Gabe is a junior. They meet on the first day of a creative writing class and are immediately and strongly attracted to each other – but shyness, diffidence and misunderstandings all contrive to keep them apart. Will they ever get together? (spoiler alert – did you see the name of the imprint?)

The tale is told from 14 perspectives – though not those of the principle characters. It seems everyone in this college town is invested in these two adorable lovebirds getting together, including friends, their creative writing professor, a barista, a waitress and a squirrel. Yes, a squirrel. Even mean fellow students, ‘angry’ Victor and ‘snarky’ Hillary, can’t help but root for them.

So it is a bit frivolous and, sure, by the end of “April” I was getting a little impatient for them to just get on with it. And the characterization… but, really, that’s not the point is it?

Ideal for middle grade and teen readers who just need a bit of escapism.

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