Adaptation by Malinda Lo


adaptationNow, I’ve never been a teenager upon whom the fate of the world rests, but it seems to me that if I were, I would not spend my time wondering whether a cute boy (or girl) was attracted to me or not. But that might make for a pretty dull read.

And though Adaptation does follow that well-trodden path there are enough creative twists along the way to keep it interesting, if not believable.

This scifi thriller starts with flocks of birds bringing down numerous airplanes all over North America. Driving back from a competition, high school senior Reese Holloway and her debate partner, David Li, are involved in a bird-caused car accident and then taken to a mysterious medical facility. On their release, Reese starts noticing that her body seems to be able to heal itself rapidly and that she gets these strange feeling whenever she’s touching somebody.

Fortunately, Reese’s best friend is an expert on conspiracy theories, particularly those centering around Area 51, and has many online connections with people who dig deep into government secrets and find all sorts of crazy (or are they?) goings on.

There’s lots to like in Adaptation – Reese is a fresh-ish take on a scifi heroine and her burgeoning romance with Amber, a charismatic lesbian she literally bumps into, as well as her suppressed feelings for David, give a nice twist on the usual love triangle. And the author manages to keep the tension of what-exactly-is-happening-here going for a good long time before we get into reams of explication.

The big question, though, is do I want to read the sequel, Inheritance? I think there is enough intriguing questions left that I would, though I’m not feeling compelled to do it right now.

Thanks to Netgalley for a digital review copy.

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