Loot: How to Steal a Fortune by Jude Watson


lootWith a flavor of the Thirty Nine Clues series, for which Watson wrote several books, this is a fast paced, high action, stylish and funny thriller.

March Quinn is the son of a jewel thief. When his father dies on a job, he leaves March a trail of clues that lead to a series of burglaries that he was planning and … March’s twin sister. March and Jules, with two new friends, set off on a series of daredevil robberies to get back together a set of cursed moonstones, competing against Alfie Quinn’s old partner, and an ex-cop who made the original arrest.

After a slow and somewhat confusing start, the action kicks in and doesn’t let up until the very end. Using slang and lore from a world familiar through movies, the four kids follow Alfie’s often cryptic allusions to notorious thefts of the past, to plan and execute ingenious heists to steal the jewels.

The four members of March’s gang are sympathetically portrayed and developed, in contrast to the untrustworthy and grasping adults. The stylized and quippy voice adds to the fun, and, as long as the reader skates along on the action, the holes in the plot don’t matter a jot.

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