The Selection by Kiera Cass


selectionWhile we were on holiday recently, I managed to sprain my ankle. Feeling a little sorry for myself and being in some discomfort I looked for something light to read. The teen librarian at the public library where I work occasionally had recommended The Selection as a fun read for my daughter, and it turned out to be an excellent way to while away an afternoon of enforced elevating and icing.

In this fluffy romantic beach read, The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor, with a pinch of America’s Next Top Model – think makeover week!

In the future, after many wars, America has become Illea (I think) and has adopted a rigid caste system and a hereditary royal family. The male members of the family must choose a bride through the Selection: one girl is chosen from each of the 35 provinces to compete for the prince’s heart. And now it is the turn of Prince Maxon to make his choice.

America Singer has no intention of entering for the Selection as she is deeply in love with Aspen, nor can she imagine having any affection for the apparently stuffed shirt Prince. But, of course, through various plot shenanigans she does both.

The world building is quite shaky – it’s not clear why America/Illea has chosen this medieval system of government or what’s going on in the rest of the world. It also seems strange that there are phones and TVs, but no computers in the future. And the characters, beyond the handful of primary ones are not even sketchy – they’re simply names.

But all that aside (and also putting aside the controversy about the author trying to build up the Goodreads profile of her book), I spent a happy few hours immersed in the comings and goings of America and her two beaux and look forward to reading the remainder of the trilogy.

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